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I am not doing this for fame or financial gain. My aim is solely to serve humanity and the Divine by listening, writing it down, and making it available to guide and inspire you. That is the sum total of my calling and my ambition.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to Shamanic Journeying

It's been many years since I practiced the shamanic journey. I enjoyed it immensely and learned many things. Why did I stop? I could spend a lot of time looking into that, but instead I'll just move forward.

It feels wonderful to be back. I have always felt that this was something I was born to do, something I was meant to do. It feels that way, still, and again.

The interesting thing right now, is that I can see a big change in the nature of my journeys between now and then. But then, it has been pointed out by family and friends that I am a very different person than I was, twenty-some years ago. My kids have grown and developed, and so have I. My skill set has changed and evolved, as has my understanding of many things.

The time feels right, the calling is there. I gladly obey.

The point of this posting, is that I will be sharing some of the information and experiences gained from these journeys. The nature and tone of the information may be different from what came before, or it may not. But you, the reader, deserve some explanation, I think, as you share this path with me.

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