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Friday, March 26, 2010

On Redirecting Emotions

Think about people whom you like or love or admire. Note how you feel.

Now think about someone you loathe, despise.

Feel the difference in your body, your entire being. One feels nice, one feels kind of nasty. One feels open, flowing, free, light and easy, while the other feels closed, hard, dark, restricted, even sharp. What words would you use to describe the difference you feel?

The point is for you to become aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect the wellbeing of your entire being. Spend some time observing as you go about your day. Watch what happens, how you respond to it, and how that feels. Observe your choices of entertainment and how they affect you inside.

You can’t avoid all assaults and insults that challenge you on any given day, but you can make some choices regarding how you respond. Just because the bait is dangling before you, doesn’t mean you have to bite!

When negativity and anger tempt you, acknowledge your feelings and move on before they become entrenched and demand full expression. Choose another mental path.

When someone angers or irritates you, pray for them. They need it. Pray for yourself. You need it. Pray for peace and understanding. We all need it. Pray for health and balance and light. Feel the difference in you when you do so.

This is the path to health and happiness. How can it be so simple? It works because it opens the path between you and the Divine.

Prayer is just a conversation. Conversation opens the channels of communication. Communication forges an energy link, and the more you use it, the wider and deeper and fuller that path becomes, just like a well-worn path between the houses of great friends.

Which is exactly what it is.

And good friends help each other. Good friends give without thought of return. Good friends support and cheer each other on to victory. Who doesn’t want that?

But to return to our main point, when you pray in less than ideal situations or relationships, you are inviting in a third party. God. It’s like having a mediator, but better.

The very act of calling in the Divine has the effect of taking a step back. Instead of jumping in and getting involved, angry, hostile, dirty…you take a breath and take control and choose another path. A happier, healthier path that will bless all concerned.

While you can’t always choose your initial reaction, you can choose whether to continue in that direction or redirect the energy in a more positive fashion. It gets easier with practice, I promise.

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